My work, from the beginning .

🚀 Discord bot for fun, memes, images, giveaway moderation, anime, NSFW and even more! Wit...

⚛️ My personal portfolio written on Next.js and Tailwind.css

🚀 Discord bot for using shell commands remotely through Discord

🤙 Don't let your repl go to sleep! Create a http server with just one line of code and ke...

🔐 PSS! This is a ✨ secret ✨ repo! It's updated every 5 minutes with new stats!

🐦 Command line tool to automatically generate tweets using OpenAI API

🔌 Script that allows you to create all types of remote connections using Ngrok

👀 Count the views of your github profile with your own custom badge

🏔️ Add support for browser specific variants in Tailwind.css

🛡️ Generate a badge that shows actual hours spent programming using wakatime

🥀 Pss! This is a secret repo to hold my community health files!

🐧 A repository to store old files

🦕 Deno API that takes the image from a link and transmits the data so that the end user c...

🎮 Next.js API for displaying Discord activity data in JSON or SVG

👾 Send content directly to Discord Channel via link

📝 A repo only contains Markdown files. Yea, it could also be a guide to the markdown

⏱️ A simple and easy-to-use countdown script written in typescript

🧱 Javascript API to display user's IP address and information about it

📫 Mailer is a app to send form submissions by email

📝 Personal blog build on Ruby and JS

🐙 The repository that keeps the image on my contriburions graph in 2018

📹 Python script to convert webcam video to ascii art

💪 A repository for automatically running benchmarks on multiple programming languages (ak...