My Work.

I have been programming for 6 years, and I have worked on many projects. Here are some of my most recent projects, you can find more on my Github profile.

Recent Projects.


Discord bot for almost everything - Memes, Image editing, Giveaway, Moderation, Anime and even more! With over 150 slash commands!

React React
Next.js Next.js
Discord.js Discord.js
Prisma Prisma
Majo.exe main page screenshot

Los Santos County

A fully customizable dashboard for FiveM communities with applications, administrator panel, payments, 2FA, permissions, Discord, Steam, CFX Forum integrations and more!

React React
TailwindCSS TailwindCSS
Next.js Next.js
Prisma Prisma
Los Santos County main page MacBook Pro mockup

Github Repositories.

Preview of majo.exe

🚀 Discord bot for almost everything - Memes, Image editing, Giveaway, Moderation, Anime a...

Preview of discord-ssh

🚀 Discord bot for using shell commands remotely through Discord

Preview of is-browser

🏔️ Add support for browser specific variants in Tailwind.css

Preview of github-views

👀 Count the views of your github profile with your own custom badge

Preview of repl-uptime

🤙 Don't let your repl go to sleep! Create a http server with just one line of code and ke...

Preview of igorkowalczyk

🔐 PSS! This is a ✨ secret ✨ repo! It's updated every 5 minutes with new stats!

Preview of wakatime-hours

🛡️ Generate a badge that shows actual hours spent programming using wakatime

Preview of tweet-ai

🐦 Command line tool to automatically generate tweets using OpenAI API

Preview of countdown

⏱️ Fast, accurate and lightweight countdown & stopwatch written in Typescript.

Preview of discord-activity

🎮 Deno API for displaying Discord activity data in JSON or SVG

Preview of ngrok-cli

🔌 Script that allows you to create all types of remote connections using Ngrok

Preview of .github

🥀 Pss! This is a secret repo to hold my community health files!

Preview of image-forwarder

🦕 Deno API that takes the image from a link and transmits the data so that the end user c...

Preview of webhook.js

👾 Send content directly to Discord Channel via link

Preview of only-md

📝 A repo only contains Markdown files. Yea, it could also be a guide to the markdown

Preview of ascii-webcam

📹 Python script to convert webcam video to ascii art

Preview of lang-bench

💪 A repository for automatically running benchmarks on multiple programming languages (ak...

Preview of github-spray

🐙 The repository that keeps the image on my contriburions graph in 2018

Preview of ip.addr

🧱 Javascript API to display user's IP address and information about it